Thursday, October 31, 2013

In memory of Layne Redmond

Layne Redmond (August 19, 1952 - October 28, 2013)

Wow. October has been a crazy month --> turns out that we lost another incredible drumming legend with the passing of Layne Redmond at the end of the month. The drumming world was already reeling from the passing on John Bergamo, and now to lose Layne also?

Again for me, I wasn't fortunate enough to ever met Layne or study with her. But she influenced so many in the hand drumming world, including many of my favorite players. She was especially focused on the healing properties of the drum and dedicated her life to researching it's healing properties. She authored the book When the Drummers Were Women.

Here's a great video by Layne, which highlights her life's work, take a moment to watch it and remember what a beautiful and influential person she was

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In memory of John Bergamo

John Bergamo (May 28, 1940 - October 19, 2013)

The drumming world lost a legend this month with the passing of John Bergamo. Admittedly, I wasn't fortunate enough to ever met or study with John, however I have been influenced by his music. John played with many famous artists in his career, but I first heard him as a member of Hands On’Semble. These guys are (were) some of the greatest hand drummers that I've heard and I've spent many hours with a Hands On'Semble CD playing the background while I've worked at my home office. The Hand's On'Semble website has an excellent memoriam to John by folks who studied and played with him. ALso, do a quick search on the web to find other great memories of John's influence.

I hope that you'll take a moment, grab your drum and play a song in memory of John. Then go grab the Hands On'Semble CD, throw it in the CD player and let John take you to another place.

From the PAS Website Memoriam for John Bergamo

Link: John Bergamo Hall of Fame Article

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

LA Workshops by Miranda Rondeau

REMO Recreational Music Center
Introductory & Intermediate
for women and men
Lap style Position
with Miranda Rondeau

:: Two affordable Workshops ::

Join Miranda as she shares her passion for one of the oldest archetypal instruments in the world. Come explore rhythm and the unique sound of the frame drum for the first time or come to get a refresher review.

For those more experienced, Miranda will be sharing some personal techniques as well as other stroke variations. Miranda will pay attention to the melodic aspect of the drum and improve your listening skills



**** 10% Off on all Frame Drums on Day of Workshop****

Lap style position
1- 2:30pm

No drum experience needed

* Learn to recite and play the basic strokes
* Learn basic music concepts
* Explore different rhythm combinations
* Embody the rhythm


Lap Style Position

( Solid Experience needed in the basics)

* Variations on Stroke techniques
* Tuning into the tones
* Roll variations
* Snaps


Saturday October 22, 2011

BEG 1:00 - 2:30pm $20 / $15 paypal by 10/19

INT 3:00 - 5:00pm $25 / $20 paypal by 10/19

RSVP/ paypal

Remo Recreational Music Center
7308 Coldwater Canyon Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 91605
818 982 0461

Miranda Rondeau is a singer, frame drum artist and teacher.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

A Night Of Kurdish & Persian Music Concert

Live In Concert With Kamancheh : Saeid Farajpouri, composer/music director
Tombak and Daf : Pezhham Akhavass
Vocal : Ghazal Feyli Barbat : Ali Sajjadi
Santour : Saina Khaledi
WHEN: Friday, September 30th, 8 PM
WHERE: Los Angeles



Tickets & Information

Ticket Price
$25 Students (Student ID Required)

Purchase Online

Los Angeles, Skirball Cultural Center, Magnin Auditorium
2701 North Sepulveda Blvd, 
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FRAME DRUMS ITALIA Festival, June 2-5, 2011

The preliminary agenda for the upcoming FRAME DRUMS ITALIA 2011 has been announced and is now online: FRAME DRUMS ITALIA 2011

This year the lineup includes:

This year the price for the full participants has been reduced, thanks to several sponsors who support the event.


For more information: FRAME DRUMS ITALIA 2011

to read the full program, or write at

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Upcoming NAFDA events

NAFDA North 3 - Vermont Frame Drum Festival -

Oct. 15-16, 2010 in Brattleboro, Vermont, USA.

Featuring 5 workshops and concert with Shane Shanahan (kanjira), Mario Monaco (pandeiro), N. Scott Robinson (lap style bodhran), Todd Roach (hybrid tambourine), Tareq Rantisi (riqq), with Ensemble Datura, K. S. Resmi (Carnatic vocal), and Mac Ritchey (oud).

Vendor Booth & Sponsor: Cooperman.

Total cost: $120.00 (when paying in advance) for all! Reservations:


NAFDA South - Georgia Frame Drum Festival -

Oct. 23, 2010 - Clarkston, Georgia, USA.

Featuring 5 workshops and concert with Layne Redmond (frame drums), River Guerguerian (lap style bodhran), Claudinho Santana (pandeiro), N. Scott Robinson (riqq), B. Michael Williams (tar) with N. P. Stottlemyer (tar), Dave Holland, and Winthrop University Percussion Ensemble (playing frame drum compositions by B. Michael Williams & N. Scott Robinson).

Vendor Booth & Sponsors: Cooperman & Contemporânea.

Total cost: $100.00 (when paying in advance) for all! Reservations:


NAFDA West 2 - California Frame Drum Festival -

Feb. 4-5, 2010 - North Hollywood, California, USA - Remo Recreational Music Center.

2-day event featuring 8 workshops and 2 concerts with Andrea Piccioni (tamburello), Randy Gloss (pandeiro), Pejman Hadadi (daf), N. Scott Robinson (riqq), Brad Dutz (Irish bodhrán), Todd Roach (hybrid tambourine), Patrick Graham (lap style bodhran), Matt Kilmer (kanjira), with Hands On.semble (Randy Gloss, Andrew Grueschow & Austin Wrinkle), The Mast (Haale Gafori & Matt Kilmer), Miranda Rondeau, and Ensemble Datura (Mac Ritchey, K. S. Resmi, Todd Roach & N. Scott Robinson).

Vendor Booths & Sponsors: Remo & Cooperman.

$200.00 (when paying in advance) for all! Reservations:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

RhythmJuJu and Frame Drum Workshop Cancelled

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the RhythmJuJu and Framedrum workshop events scheduled for this weekend in Nevada City and Grass Valley have been cancelled due to unforseen circumstances with one of the performers.

We'll reschedule for later in the year.

You can find the latest events by Sonic Planet Productions here: