Monday, November 19, 2007

Cooperman Riq Auction on Ebay

Looking for a Cooperman Riq with a Renaissance head? There an auction on eBay that just started:

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sami Yusuf- Kurdish Daf Player

Here's a Youtube video of Sami Yusuf on Daf

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New Kanjira Instructional DVD released

Now Available for Secure Oline Order - New kanjira instructional DVD &
solo kanjira CD by Amrit Nataraj - just released!!

Available at

- All proceeds go directly to the artists minus CC Now, shipping, and
packing fees.

1) DVD - Khanjira . . . A Journey Within by Amrit Nataraj - $25.00 plus
$5.00 shipping (US & Canada, international is more)

Instructional DVD (in NTSC only), 1 hour, focusing on the style and
techniques of G. Harishankar.

-This DVD features the real techniques used in the style of G.
Harishankar direct from his top disciple.

Amrit has a series of DVDs and a real method for learning the most
advanced techniques for kanjira. This first volume focuses only on
technique and is filled with exercises in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 7, 8, and 9
subdivisions per beat with all of the various fingerings explained
clearly. These techniques can be applied to other frame drums. The final
section is on how to take the Ta Di Ki Na Tum phrase and play it in a
variety of subdivisions and speeds. There is also a short section on G.
Harishankar with a brief video clip of his playing as an historical
perspective. This DVD is unlike anything else available for kanjira
studies because of its technical focus.

2) CD - KhanjirAmrit by Amrit Nataraj - $15.00 plus $5.00 shipping (US &
Canada, international is more)

Audio CD tribute to G. Harishankar, 1 hour of mind blowing music by
India's top kanjira artist. The talam is clearly marked throughout with
small finger cymbals over-dubbed so following the intricacies of the
rhythm is easier. There are things on this CD no other kanjira player
has done before. Very nice booklet describing all the rhythmic
subdivisions of each piece with the CD in hard jewel case is included.

This CD feature 7 tracks in a variety of styles including the only
recording of a Carnatic composition accompanied by kanjira only (no
mridangam). The 1st piece is for violin and kanjira with a 16 minutes
kanjira solo!

Other tracks feature 2 tuned kanjiras accompanying flamenco guitars, a
jaw dropping duet between tabla and kanjira in 7, a mind blowing duet
between mridangam and kanjira in 9 as a tribute to G. Harishankar (both
instruments played by Amrit), a duet between chende (folk drum from
Kerala played for KathaKali dance theater) and kanjira in 5, a kanjira
trio featuring tuned kanjiras playing interlocked parts, and a computer
music piece in 33 featuring kanjira solo with orchestral sounds.