Friday, July 20, 2007

New Artist Series Riq on order

I ordered a new Artist Series Riq from Cooperman Drums this week. I sold my other Cooperman Riq to a friend who had gotten bit by the Riq 'bug'. It was the perfect excuse to upgrade to the Artist Series Riq. I configured it with the fish skin, rather than the synthetic head, same as I had on my other riq. The fish skin takes a little more maintenance, I always detuned the drum after playing it so that the Fish Skin head wouldn't become stretched out over time. It means that I can't just pick up the drum and start playing it without first tuning it up. But I feel that the Fish Skin head really gives it a nice tight "Tek". Anyone else have their own experience with the Fish Skin versus synthetic heads on Cooperman drums?
I'll post again, with pictures, once I receive my new drum in the next week.

Peter Sumner, Framedrum Maker

I discovered a wonderful framedrum maker in the San Francisco bay area, his name is Peter Sumner. He makes all types of framedrums, tippers and brushs. He makes tunable Bodhrans. He will be selling his drums as a vendor at both the Lark Camp (July 27 - Aug 4, 2007) and Mendocino Middle Eastern Music Camp (Aug 12 -19, 2007).

I hope that we'll also plan a few frame drum classes at his house in Redwood City. I'll post more here when that happens.

Peter Sumner
E-mail: petersumner AT mac DOT com