Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Art of Hand Drumming with Marla Leigh, March 2008



Venice, CA:: March 2, 9, 16, 23 @ 3pm - 5:15pm

Topanga, CA:: March 1, 8, 15, 22 @ 11 - 1:15pm:

In this special percussive intensive, you will learn:

  • Traditional drumming styles from around the world (Middle East, North and West Africa, India
  • Traditional Middle Eastern Rhythms
  • The art of improvising
  • Techniques to play in solid time
  • Basic music theory and hand drum notation
  • How to play various polyrhythms based off of Ghanaian and Moroccan music
  • Solkattu, (traditional South Indian rhythmic vocalizations and exercises
  • Gentle yoga stretches and pranayama to prepare the body for drumming

Frame Drums and some African drums provided, please bring a drum if you have one, no yoga mats needed. All levels welcome
Please reserve your space today as there are limited spaces available.


Fee: $120 if register before Feb. 29, $145 thereafter

Registration: Reservations accepted via PayPal or send check to
Marla Leigh, PO box 293, Topanga, CA 90290.....thank you !!

Once you registrar, please send email to Marla (marla@marlaleigh.com) to tell her which workshop you would signed up for.

Special discount:
Bring a friend, and each receive $10 registration fee.

FOR MORE INFO, please visit

World Rhythm Festival in Seattle April 25-27

Play, learn, jam, dance, sing... just go! Over 100 world music workshops and performances — all FREE!

WHEN: Friday, April 25 through Sunday, April 27, 2008.
  • Friday: Celebration of Youth Day -- workshops for children and families, and youth group performances
  • Friday extended / intensive rhythm workshops for adults
  • Friday evening Opening Ceremony
  • Workshops and Performances all day Saturday and Sunday
  • Drum circles Saturday and Sunday early evening
  • Saturday night dance party
  • Sunday closing Carnival Procession
  • International Marketplace
  • Drum Rental and Drum Check
Here is the WRF web site: http://www.swps.org/

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Excellent Tonbak finger snap video

This came my way via the Framedrummers listserv. It's an excellent example of fingersnapping technique played on the tonbak (invented by Ostad Daryoush Eshaghy).
If only my fingers could play like this...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Julie Surba, Pyrography Design

Here's an excellent video of Julie Surba from http://www.pyrography-design.com/ creating a the artwork on a drum for David Kuckhermann. I love her work, and I also love how this video showing the production process, the smoke curling away with each burn.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hatem Ammous Demonstrates Tunesian Rhythms Part 4

In part 4 of this video podcast series, David Kuckhermann interviews music professor Hatem Ammous, while on a recent trip to Tunesia.

Here, Professor Ammous demonstrates the Tunesian rhythm "Barwel" on all three drums.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Hatem Ammous Demonstrates Tunesian Rhythms Part 3

In part 3 of this video podcast series, David Kuckhermann interviews music professor Hatem Ammous, while on a recent trip to Tunesia.

Here, Professor Ammous demonstrates the Sufi and Tunesian rhythm "Btaihi", illustrating the Sufi method, the modern method and the popular method of playing it on the Bendir. He also plays it on the Dourbouka. I really like the finger work on this rhythm.

Also, in this video Professor Ammous demostrates the Tunesian method for playing the Riq (known in Tunesia as the "Tar"). He then goes on to play the rhythm "Btaihi" on the Riq. It's a unique and really cool method of 'turning' the drum, keeping the right hand stationary in space.

He finishs the session playing the rhythm "M'dawar" on all three drums.

So far, this is my favorite video of the series!