Saturday, January 03, 2009

Glen Velez San Francisco Frame Drum Intensive Training

Glen Velez
San Francisco Frame Drum Intensive Training, sponsored in part by Cooperman

Three Weekends: February-May 2009

Join Grammy-award winning musician Glen Velez for an intensive training with the frame drum. This 3 part weekend series will explore the wide range of frame drum techniques which form the basis of Velez's playing. Included in the series are detailed exercises and systematic approaches to developing the sounds and finger manipulations needed to produce the extensive array of musical forms and rhythms used by Velez in his performances.

Students will learn methods for enhancing their sense of steady pulse by using vocalizations and stepping. This use of voice and simple body movements effectively increases one's feeling of groove and syncopation. As an important support to our drumming we will use overtone singing to increase our awareness of breathing as well as drum language to accelerate our learning of new rhythms. Frame drum techniques from the Middle East, South India, Central Asia and South Italy will be thoroughly covered in the classes. We will learn how to master the individual styles, as well as incorporate them into a hybrid frame drum style, while using our new knowledge to examine and develop drum compositions. As a group we will discover the potential of the frame drum as a solo instrument, a drum ensemble instrument, and as an instrument for meditative self reflection.

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